Latvia – the home place of EWART WOODS is known for its diverse landscapes and green-life. Forests that stretch over 41% of the countries territory are our greatest treasure. As imaginable we Latvians have become well acquainted to working with wood – a skill that has been finely refined throughout many years of history.

Here at EWART WOODS we share the same passion and love for woodworking, however our aim is not to continue in the footsteps of our ancestors but to reimagine what this natural compound can become. It is our belief that this beautiful and aesthetically enchanting material can be used to create far more interesting products that would reliably serve our customers in carrying out most various tasks.

Our team constantly thinks of new ways to bring functional and well-formed wood design out to the world. In addition to this EWART WOODS works closely with its customers offering personalized products. We gladly incorporate logos, and unique symbols that our client specifies in order to offer individualized end result.