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Multifunctional Pikler with different kind of details. So you can put it together by yourself and choose the best for your children.

We have already made sets for you to choose also here

πŸ“Œ Set Ship include - , 1. Pirate, 2. Ninja 4. Bridge, 5. Mast, 6. Slide/Chalkboard, 7. Stairs, 9.Rope, 10. Gnomes, 12. Garfield, 15. wheel for ship)

πŸ“Œ Set Swing house include - 2.Ninja, 4. Bridge, 7. Stairs, 8. Swing, 12. Garfield)

πŸ“Œ Set Mini SET include - 4. Bridge, 12. Garfield)

πŸ“Œ Set Triangle include - 3.Spider, 10. Gnomes, 11. Clouds)

πŸ“Œ Set Triangle +slide include - 3.Spider, 6.Slide/Chalkboard, 9. Rope, 10. Gnomes, 11. Clouds)

πŸ“Œ Set Juice shop include - 2. Ninja, 3.Spider, 4. Bridge, 6.Slide/Chalkboard, 7. Stairs, 10. Gnomes, 11. Clouds,12. Garfield)

  • Made of birch plywood and finish with kids safe lacquer to make it smooth and easy to clean.
  • Details have connections with steel gears to make them possible to change an angle you need. With this System you can easily disassemble details and set any figure you want.
  • There are many different ways how you can fold the pikler. You need to order atΒ least two details to get the best folding pikler for your kids/toddlers/children.
Having this activity toy in your home will definitely be a great gift for your child and for parents as well, because your children will definitely be so exited playing with it.

This toy will improve your child balance, muscles, courage and imagination.
Made with care to have the best for your children.

WARNING! Parents must take a full responsibility Please don't leave your kids unattended while the Multifunctional pikler is in use. SHIPPING AND RETURN FOR SHIPPING PLEASE ADD YOUR PHONE NR. DELIVERY COMPANIES NEED IT TO CONTACT YOU.

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