Wooden wall hanging

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Wood design products

Geometric wooden wall shelf with metal construction. 

Shelves are one of the most needed items in the home.
They work great in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and workrooms, and as a shelf next to the bed.
This shelf will draw attention to any wall in your house or apartment. You can display pictures, plants, or mementos on the shelves.
Also, it makes a great gift to your friends or family!

🎨It is possible to order only the metal sides where the shelf is put in, zomes in two colors.

Also, two options of the wood board are available as well - with wooden bark or plain veneer.  

🛠️Dowels and screws included!


⚖️ Metal sides (2pcs) weigh about 620 g
📐 Wood veneer size is 68.8x 17.5x1.7cm (27x 6.9x 0.7 inches) weighs 1.45 kg and the size of the wood with bark is 68.8x 17.5x2.5cm (27x 6.9x 1 inch), weighs 2.22kg 

As the product is handmade the dimensions may slightly vary from the visible image

Product color
🌳 The fiber and color of the hue may differ slightly from the visible image as natural wood is used.
Your screen can make the color look different than it actually is!

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